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ART ROME - International Art Expo

Montly Selection of the best talented artists from al over the world.
Our gallery is located in the town Port of Rome, called "Borgo del porto", the cultural discrict of Civitavecchia. 
Civitavecchia has a deep identity rich in culture and history,
 built over the centuries by popes and artists (including Michelangelo, Antonio da Sangallo, Bramante and, presumably, Raphael),
poets and emperors.In addition the city is an important hub of the vessel traffic,
  so that in September 2018 the Italian Cruise Watch stated that the number of passengers
 passing by the city would stand at around 2.5 millions. 

To participate you need to dowloand the call for artists selection. Please fill out the form below.

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International art gallery

Mobile: +393332790004

USA:  +1 3475583479
Italy: +39 3332790004
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Flyer Art Gallery
Piazza Aurelio Saffi, 34 Civitavecchia
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