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The power of light
by Laura Turco Liveri

Fireberg is a multi-awarded project known all round the world, it is quite telling in its representation, stylistically balanced, full of aesthetic and linguistic meanings: in a few words a complete work of art that can speak by itself to a large audience of people from different cultural backgrounds. The process of chromatic inversion used in the pictures acts on light, creator of shapes, turning upside down the meaning of the subject, transforming the visual and emotional relation between piece of art and observer. This process activates in the spectator a cause for reflection upon those topics the artist cares for. Patrizia Dottori has conceived and realized her concept exactly at the moment of the shutter click, completing her work with post production techniques and the choice of printing materials. With an evened stylistic gimmick, Patrizia diverts the reading of her work, taking the observer from the poetic lure of the images to the concept of a possible transformation, stirring inside some dormant attitudes towards a reality that has to be changed. In Shineberg light is even more essential, it is the medium by which rocks and muddy waters of a spanish cave become blue ice and crystal clear sea. If, in this case, “nature remains the same”, in the linguistic transfer light reshapes the subjects from the inside, travelling through each thin veining of the granite stone, reaching a fine pattern where the glimmering removes weight and meaning from the subject, returning an abstract decoration that tells a story sometime destabilizing and lightly unsetting. Hot as Ice brings the inversion to an even more striking form, due to the exact complementarity of the colours. The composition appears as large coloured areas that run all through the print in a unique direction, thanks to the chromatic gradient set to the orange range that make a strong contrast with the dark tones. From such a violent expressionism, even if made neat by photography, we return to the softness of the smartphone images of The beginning, wherebaroque skys dim into an undefined density, bringing the emotions to a full circle to finish just where we had started.
Critical analysis by Francesca Pietracci

It is not a story, not a reportage, maybe they are not even photographs in the common sense. Fireberg by Patrizia Dottori is a strength test, is the attraction towards another dimension, towards an abyss, a void that becomes solid. The place is the Perito Moreno glacier on the Argentinian side, the year is 2007. Patrizia is only there for an inspection and she takes pictures with her mobile. The emotional impact is strong, she sensed a presence, something stronger than the mere perception of the nature, its landscape, the eternal ice, the wonder. Her wish is not that of taking pictures, but that of being part of that strange dimension, that place on earth that has been the same since the quaternary era. Primitive, primordial, ancestral, the place actually starts to live inside her, so she goes back there, but this time taking all the photographic equipment with her, but the glacier is not the same anymore. She started taking pictures in negative mode and the result is amazing: the ice wall has turned to fire, burning lava. From now on her work will be different, there is a befor and after Fireberg. Her relationship with images becomes visceral as if everything that she sees passes directly through her digestive tract, as if the pictures are not made with the camera but through her metabolism. Losing the subject, maybethat is what is happening, or better the reaching of a state of pureness, a process of emptying to make room for what is coming from outside, a mysterious phenomenon of illumination. The video recalls the phases of the journey. It is long and slow, characterized by apenetrating music. In a way it is kind of obsessive, a video through which Patrizia forces the spectator to participate to the whole process, without eliminating anything, No shortcuts. Before being beautiful the images are strong and make us think to a relentless process. Our world is nothing else but that one. It is a cold paradise transforming into a burning hell.

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